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Inbinder Terms of Service

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Original Date  December 24, 2020 16:22:04

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Inbinder Terms of Service

Inbinder Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

Thank you for using the Inbinder service. These terms and conditions of service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") prescribe the terms and conditions of use of the service between the Company and Members (or Users), in relation to the services provided by Wepware Inc.(“Company”), rights and obligations between the Company and Users, and other necessary matters such as duties and responsibilities. 

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in this Terms and Conditions are as follows. Interpretation of undefined terms is determined in the relevant laws and individual service guidelines. 
1. Service: This is a service provided by companies or affiliates that Users can access using their account. It refers to all Internet services provided by the Company for use through various wired/wireless devices or programs such as PCs, portable terminals, kiosks, separate electronic devices and public facilities. 
2. Member (User): A person who agrees to these Terms and Conditions and uses the services provided by the Company. 
3. Affiliate: A corporation that has entered into an alliance with the Company and has agreed to jointly provide the Company's account. 
4. Inbinder Account: A member identification unit used after logging in to a Service provided by the Company or Affiliate. 
5. Inbinder Account Information: This refers to the mandatory or optional personal information of the Member that the Company requests to the User to fill in when signing up. Information can be checked and modified through the Company's website. 
6. Real-time Video Service: This is a service provided by the Company and refers to desktop recording, tap recording, webcam recording, and video conference. 
7. Electronic Financial Services: It refers to a transaction where the Company provides financial products and financial services, and the Member uses it in an automated manner without having to face to face or communicate with Affiliates and other Members. 

Article 3 (Specification and amendment of the terms and conditions)

① These Terms and Conditions become effective by posting them on the service screen or by notifying Users in other ways. 
② If necessary, the Company may revise these Terms and Conditions and post operation policy. However, we will amend these Terms and Conditions within the scope of not violating the relevant laws and regulations. 
③ When revising the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall specify the revised matters and the date of enforcement and notify them by the method of paragraph 1 from 7 days before the effective date to the day before the effective date. However, in the case of amendments to the Member's rights or obligations and the contents that are material to the User, it will be notified at least 30 days before the enforcement and the revised terms will be notified through the Member's service screen and in-service notification message or the Member's registered e-mail. 
④ If the Company announces or notifies the revised Terms and Conditions in accordance with Paragraph 3 and does not express the intention to refuse to the member until 7 days after the effective date of the change of the Terms and Conditions, the Member does not expressly express intention even though the Member has announced or notified that it is deemed to have been approved. It is assumed that the Member has agreed to the revised Terms and Conditions. 
⑤ If the Member does not agree to the revised Terms and Conditions, the Member may stop using the service and terminate the use contract. At this time, the Company will refund according to Paid Service Terms and Conditions based on the time of termination of the contract if the period of use of the paid service that the Member subscribed to remains. 
⑥ Members must pay attention to the revision of the Terms and Conditions, and the Company is not responsible for any damages to Members caused by not noticing of the revised Terms and Conditions. 

Article 4 (Regulations other than the terms and conditions)

These English version of the Terms and Conditions are based on the original Korean are version of the Terms and Conditions. In addition, for matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions, it is subject to the provisions of related laws and regulations or the individual terms and conditions of service, Paid Service Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, detailed guidelines for use, etc. 

Chapter 2 Inbinder User Agreement

Article 5 (Conclusion of Agreement)

① The user agreement agrees to these Terms and Conditions and “agreement of collecting and using personal information” at the time of membership registration, and fills out the Company's membership registration form and process for self-authentication. After that, it is done in a way that the Company accepts it. 
② When a User agrees to these Terms and Conditions and applies for use to Paragraph 1 of this Article, it is deemed that they are informed with and agree to these Terms and Conditions, various policies, and individual services. 

Article 6 (Acceptance and Restriction of Use)

① In principle, the Company approves the use of the Inbinder service to Members who apply for use to Article 5, and accepts the use of the service according to the order of subscription unless there is a business or technical problem.
② For Users under the age of 14, consent from a legal representative is required to use the Service. 
③ In each of the cases below, the Company may withhold or refuse to accept until the reason is resolved. 
     i.	There is a financial and technical problem to provide the Service 
     ii. If the information required in the application form is not entered or is falsely entered 
     iii. In the case of stealing the name of another person or personal information during the identity verification process 
     iv. In the case of applying for the purpose of hindering or hindering the well-being of society or morals 
     v. In the case of loss of membership due to reasons to attributable the Member
     vi. In the event of violating other related laws or in violation of the usage requirements and detailed guidelines set by the Company
④ If a Member who has committed an act that violates paragraph 3 of this article even after signing up is found, the Company will immediately suspend the Member's account use or close the account without prior notice. Appropriate restrictions, such as deletion, can be made. In addition, the Member may be punished according to relevant laws and regulations. 

Chapter 3. Use of Inbinder Account

Article 7 (Account Management)

① Inbinder account can only be used by the user himself/herself, and must manage passwords and additional identification procedures. 
② Other people cannot use their Inbinder account without permission. If unauthorized theft or use is found, please notify the Company through the customer center. The Company will provide guidance on preventing unauthorized use and use of others. 
③ Users can modify and manage their member-information while using the service. The Company is not responsible for any problems arising from not correcting the member-information in a timely manner. 

Article 8 (Use of Service)

① The Company starts the Service from the time the Member's application for use is approved. However, in the case of some Services, the Service starts from the specified date. 
② The Company shall provide Inbinder Services to Users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, in each of the following cases, all or part of the Inbinder Service may be restricted or suspended, and in this case, the Company will notify or announce it in advance or after. 
    i.	In the case of regular or temporary inspection for expansion, maintenance and repair of service facilities 
    ii. In case of inevitable Service restriction or suspension due to circumstances beyond the Company's control 
    iii. When there is a problem with normal Service use due to power outage, failure of all facilities, or congestion in service usage 
    iv. When it is determined that it is necessary to restrict or stop the Service due to the Company's service operation policy, such as replacing with a new service or transferring an individual service to another site operated by the Company 
    v.	When the Service cannot be maintained due to various circumstances of the Company, such as termination of contracts with Affiliates, government orders and regulations, etc. 
    vi. In the event of force majeure such as other natural disasters or national emergencies
③ The Company shall limit or suspend all or part of the Service if it falls under the preceding paragraph. In this case, the Company shall notify or announce the reason for restriction or suspension in advance in the manner specified in Article 19. However, if it is due to reasons that the company cannot predict or control (system down, disk or server failure without the Company's negligence, etc.), it will be notified or announced afterwards. 
④ The Company may have separate terms and conditions for individual services within the Service, and consent to the terms and conditions applied separately for individual services will go through a separate consent procedure when a Member uses the individual service for the first time. 

Article 9 (Change and Suspension of Services)

① If the Company needs to change all services, including individual services, the Company notifies Members of the contents and implementation date of the Service to be changed in the manner specified in Article 21, and provides the Service after changing. 
② If the Service is interrupted due to reasons attributable to the company and the Member cannot use the paid service already paid, the Company will compensate the Member for the payment amount, but the specific compensation method shall be in accordance with the “Pay Service Terms and Conditions”. 
③ Any changes or termination of the service that have a significant impact on the Member shall be notified and announced individually by using separate electronic means such as notification through the service screen, notification message within the Service, or email address registered in the Inbinder account. 

Article 10 (Providing Information and Posting Advertisements)

① In operating the Service, the Company may post various information and advertisements on the service screen or provide them to Members through messages, notifications, and e-mails. 
② The Company shall not bear any data communication charges that may occur while using the Service. The Member shall bear data communication fee according to the contract with the registered telecommunication service provider.
③ The Company may not bear the cost of viewing advertisements incurred by Members using information and advertisements posted on the Company's services. Also, we are not responsible for any problems between the Member and the advertiser. However, exceptions are made when there is intention or negligence of the Company. 

Article 11 (Ownership of Rights and Use of Contents)

① Members may post various contents or files consisting of letters, symbols, texts, photos, pictures, information, (video) images, sounds, links, etc. (hereinafter referred to as 'Posts') on the Service and intellectual property rights including copyrights to these Posts, of course, continue to be held by the right holders.        
② When a Member posts a Post on the Service, the Company can legitimately provide the Post through the Service, and the Member provides the Company with the right to use (there is no time limit and regional restrictions, no separate payment, and non-cancellable license) of the contents such as storage, reproduction, modification, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, and creation of derivative works (only limited to translation). 
③ As a Member gives the Company the same authority as in Paragraph 2 by posting a Post, the Member must have the necessary rights. The Member who posted the Post will be responsible for any problems arising from not having these rights.        
④ Posts provided by Members can be used by the Company for the purpose of research and development to improve the Company's services and provide new services.        
⑤ In the Service, some content that the Company does not own may be displayed. For such content, the entity providing the content is solely responsible for all responsibility. Even if Members use the Service, they do not have any rights to the contents of other members. In order for you to use other members' content, you must obtain permission from the right holder of the content.        

Article 12 (Restriction and Prohibition of Member's Service)

① The Company prohibits the following activities when Members use the Service. If it is determined that this is the case, the Company may take necessary measures without prior notice, such as suspending or deleting members' postings, and restricting the use of Inbinder accounts and services. However, the Company is not obligated to review all posts or content.        
    i.	If the content violates public order and public morals
    ii. When promoting illegal speculative or gambling sites
    iii. Selling or promoting illegal products or items prohibited for sale on the Internet
    iv. In case of slandering or defaming the Company, other members or third parties
    v.	When it is judged that the member's actions and the contents of the post are linked to criminal activities
    vi. Content that infringes the rights of others, such as the Company's copyright or the copyright of a third party
    vii. Other people's personal information theft, dissemination, trade to act
    viii. Sharing information related to prostitution
    ix. In case of designation as a media product harmful to youth (in accordance with the Youth Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.)
    x.	If the content is judged to violate other relevant laws and detailed usage guidelines for each individual service of the Company
② The Company may hold civil or criminal liability for any damages to the Service operation of the Company due to the preceding item.        
③ If a Member does not log in to the Inbinder account continuously for more than one year, the Company may restrict the use of the Service for the protection of member information and operational efficiency.        
④ If the Member's service use is restricted or prohibited in accordance with this Article, all Service use and benefits will also be suspended and extinguished, and the Company is not responsible for compensation or liability for this.        

Article 13 (Management of Posts, etc.)

① Posts, real-time videos, and other works posted by Members on the Service (hereinafter referred to as 'Posts, etc.') are protected by related laws such as the Copyright Act. In this case, necessary actions can be taken, such as suspending or deleting the Posts, etc. at the request of the claimant of the infringement of rights, and resuming the posting of the Posts, etc. at the request of the original publisher.        
② Even if there is no request from the claimant of the infringement of rights, the Company may take temporary action against the Posts if there is a reason for the infringement of the rights to be acknowledged or if it violates other company’s policies and related laws.        
③ Details related to intellectual property rights including copyrights and reports related to rights infringement can be reported to the Company through the Report Grab function. For more details, please refer to the “Copyright Protection Policy” on the help page.        
④ The Company retains all rights including copyright and ownership for this Service, and the copyright for the work created by the Company belongs to the Company.        
⑤ When a Member terminates the use contract or the use contract is terminated pursuant to Article 21-1, the Posts etc. recorded in the User’s account will be deleted. However, the Posts etc. re-posted by a third party as scraps, additions, grabs and re-grabs etc. and Posts, etc. necessary for normal service use of other members posted in public services such as groups, friends folder, public folder, class folder bulletin board, comments, are not deleted. 

Article 14 (Public Page Service)

① Members can disclose their nickname, gender information, email, including Posts etc., to other Members or Users through the public page service. In addition, the Member may disclose additional information such as location, country, and introduction at his/her choice.        
② When a Member publicly publishes Posts, etc. on the public page, it is deemed that other Members and Company have allowed it to be used as search results. However, Members can take measures such as confidentiality of Posts, etc., excluding search results, etc. through management functions within individual services.        
③ When a Member publicly publishes Posts, etc. on the public page, it is deemed that the Company's computer automation system, the use of artificial intelligence services, and the preference recommendation system and navigation function through it are permitted. In addition, it is believed that the Company has allowed the use of the contents for profit distribution through Members' Posts, etc.        
④ Members are responsible for all results arising from posting Posts, etc. directly on the public page. The Company shall not be held liable, unless there is any intention or negligence in this regard.        

Article 15 (Real-time Video Service)

① The Company shall not take any involvement in the content shared, delivered, provided, or distributed among Members who use real-time video services.        
② Members shall not engage in illegal acts using real-time video services or share, deliver, provide, or disseminate the contents of Article 12, Paragraph 1, respectively.        
③ For legal and technical reasons, the Company cannot review the contents shared, delivered, provided, or distributed through real-time video services. However, if it becomes aware that there is a Service use act in violation of Paragraph 2 for any reason, the Company may take necessary measures such as service restriction or suspension for the real-time video service, and immediately notify the Member of the reason. 
④ The Member concerned in Paragraph 3 may file an objection against the Company's actions, and the Company takes necessary measures, such as resuming the Service immediately, if it is deemed that the Member's objection is justified.        

Article 16 (Payment for Paid Services and Withdrawal of Subscription)

① The Company provides paid services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.        
② Matters related to payment, refund, overcharge, etc. for paid services required to use paid services provided by the Company are subject to the payment terms and conditions at the time of payment.        

Chapter 4 Obligations of Contracting Parties

Article 17 (Member's Obligations)

① Members must comply with the relevant laws, the Company's terms and conditions and individual terms of Service, announcement notified on the Service, and the matters the Company notifies to Members in relation to the use of the service.        
② Members may not transfer or donate the Member's service use rights or other status in the contract of use to others, or provide them as collateral.        
③ When using the Service, Members must not perform any of the following actions.        
    i.	Entering false information when applying or changing the service use, or stealing someone else's account and personal information
    ii. Posting pornography on all Services, including public pages, real-time video services, posts, etc., or linking, promoting, advertising
    iii. Any act that defames or disadvantages others
    iv. Acts that impede the Company's Service operation or interfere with the use of Services by other Members, and acts to impersonate or misrepresent an employee or official of the Company or Affiliates
    v.	Any act of modifying, copying, distributing, transferring, lending, and providing collateral for the service or the software contained therein without the consent of the Company, and the act of copying, imitating or otherwise modifying the Service
    vi. Interfering with the normal operation of computer telecommunication equipment, software, and hardware through the distribution, delivery, distribution, and transmission of malicious codes and viruses.
    vii. Sharing, delivering, transmitting, or distributing the contents of Article 12, Paragraph 1
    viii. Acts that infringe other rights such as copyrights of the Company or a third party pursuant to Article 13
    ix. Other illegal activities
④ Members must directly manage the Inbinder’s account and password, and the Member himself/herself is responsible for all consequences caused by negligence or illegal use. The Company shall not be held liable, unless there is any intention or negligence in this regard.        
⑤ The Company may include or recommend third-party resources, materials, developers and/or third-party websites, content and application’ links as part of or in connection with the Service. As the Company may not have control over such sites or developers, the Member shall acknowledge and agree that (i) the Company is not responsible for the availability of such external sites, content or applications, and (ii) the Company is not responsible for the content, or other materials or performance made available through such sites or applications, and (iii) the Company shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss arising out of or reliance on such content, materials or applications.        
⑥ Members agree to indemnify the Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, executives, agents, employees, advertisers, service providers and other partners and avoid harm from all claims, liabilities, (substantial and consequential) damages, losses and expenses (including legal fees and other professional fees) related to Member’s use of the Service, violation on these Terms of Use, or arising out of or made in any way by a third party in connection with other activities related to the Member’s use of the Service (including activities made on the Member’s account). In the event of such a claim, our Company may endeavor to notify the member of the claim, action or legal action by using the contact information stored in the account. However, even if such information is not notified, the Member’s duty of indemnification is not exempted or reduced. 

Article 18 (Company's Obligations)

① The Company will do its best to provide stable service. If there is a problem with the normal use of the service, or if there is a failure or damage to the facility, the Company will immediately repair or restore it unless there is an unavoidable reason.        
② The Company will do its best to protect and process Members' personal information safely. We announce and comply with the “Privacy Policy" in accordance with the Information and Communication Network Act. In addition, we establish and operate a security system to protect member information.        

Article 19 (Notice and Announcement to Members)

① Members can express their opinions using the Company's customer center. Service notices to all Users can be posted on the service screen or service notice section for more than 7 days to replace individual notices.        
② In case of matters that have a significant impact on the Member, or the rights and obligations necessary for the use of the Service, the Company may notify the notification message within the Service or an e-mail designated by the Member.        

Article 20 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

① The Company collects and uses personal information only within the purpose and scope agreed by the Member for smooth provision of services. Member information of Users is collected in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" under related laws.        
② In principle, the Company shall not provide Members' personal information to third parties. However, exceptions are made when the personal information of a Member is requested by an administrative agency or an investigative agency in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and when there is a separate consent of the Member.        
③ The Company may entrust personal information to a company selected by the Company for some or all of the tasks necessary for service provision. In this case, we manage and supervise the entrusted company to comply with relevant laws and regulations.        
④ The Company is not responsible for personal information exposed due to reasons attributable to the Member himself/herself.        

Chapter 5 Termination of Use Agreement, etc.

Article 21 (Restriction of Use and Termination of Use Agreement)

① If a Member violates these Terms and Conditions and individual service terms and conditions, the Company may restrict service use or terminate the service contract in steps such as warning, temporary suspension, and permanent suspension.        
② Members may file an objection to the suspension of use of the service pursuant to the preceding paragraph or restrictions on the use of the service according to the procedures set by the Company. In this case, the Company immediately resumes the use of the service if it is determined that the Member's objection is justified.        
③ If the Member no longer wants to use the Inbinder account, he or she can apply for termination of the use contract by using the menu provided in the service.        
④ Even if a Member terminates the use contract, the Posts, etc. may not be deleted according to the proviso of Article 12, Paragraph 4.        

Article 22 (Compensation for Damage)

① The Company compensates for damages in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in the event of damages to Members due to the Company's intention or negligence.        
② The Company is not responsible for any of the following damages.        
    i.	Damages due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure matters
    ii. Damages arising from Member's tort or violating the provisions of these Terms and Conditions
    iii. Damages caused by problems in using the Service due to reasons attributable to the Member
    iv. Damages caused by the Service between Members or between members and a third party
    v.	Damages caused by problems in the use of the Company's Services due to illegal actions of a third party
    vi. Damages caused by the distribution and transmission of malicious programs by third parties
    vii. Damages caused by reasons without intention or negligence of the Company
③ Even if the Company is liable for damages, the Company is not responsible for normally unpredictable or special damages, indirect damages and other punitive damages.        

Article 23 (Governing Law)

① These English version of the Terms and Conditions are based on the original Korean are version of the Terms and Conditions. If there is any conflict between these two versions, the original Korean version of the Inbinder Terms and Conditions shall prevail. 
②	These Terms and Conditions or any dispute arising between the Company and the Member shall be resolved through consultation based on mutual sincerity. If mutual consultation is difficult, disputes shall be resolved by using a court in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea as the competent court.        

Chapter 6 Electronic Financial Services

Article 24 (Conclusion of a Use Contract)

① In order to use the Company's electronic financial service, a Member must have an account with a financial institution that allows normal deposit and withdrawal through a separate real name verification procedure.        
② Details related to electronic financial services comply with related laws such as the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, except for those defined in these Terms and Conditions.        

Article 25 (Account Inquiry Service)

① The Company can provide a service that allows Members who have registered accounts of financial institutions whose real names are verified and who have the necessary requirements, such as consent to collection of additional information, to access information on the balance and transaction details of the linked accounts. 
② However, even if you are a member falling under the preceding paragraph, you may not be able to provide services according to the certification standards and security or related laws and regulations operated by the Company and the financial institution.        
Date of Announcement: Jan 12, 2021
Effective date: Jan 19, 2021 

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